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Best places to live in the world 2017


Get yourself the latest ranking of the best places to live in the world

Any smart person who starts to draft a list of places to live tries to keep three important things in mind and these are: safety, quality of life provided there and the infrastructure of the area. Latest surveys of 2017 have also shown these three things as the most frequently searched words while looking for best places to live all over the world.

Every year comes with a refreshed ranking of places which are the best suitable for living. Cities which are added to the list are evaluated on the basis of best living, best climate, the health rate and how affordable the living is in the particular city.

Do Florida and California make up to the top rankings?

California and Florida have some good names of places where any person can dream a suitable living with quality under affordable conditions. Places to live in Florida all have basic and major facilities which entertain the residents. Tourism, healthcare, banking, strong infrastructure and high standard education all these are provided to the residents. Largest city of Florida is Jacksonville and it offers a low stress life. Every new day tries to relive pressure and bring a natural and healthy life to the city. Being the largest city Jacksonville is ever ready to welcome new people to its land.

California is one of the largest states of United States with the largest population count. It is a wealthy and well settled State which gives access to everything for its residents. The state has a favorable climate which makes it more livable town. San Francisco and Palo Alto are the top rated places to live in California. California has a good employment rate as golden companies like Google and Intel are ready to allot more and more jobs to new people.




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