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5 Luxury Trains around the World

  1. Venice Simplon Orient Express – Europe

This is the ultimate luxury train in the world. It began in 1183, and has been running since from Paris to Istanbul. Needless to say, the décor, the interiors, facilities, food, is impeccable. This is the train which has set the standard by which all other luxury trains are judged. Hell, this train even featured in Agatha Christie’s famous novel Murder on the Orient Express. Apart from its original route, it also runs from Istanbul to Venice, and through the cities of Krakow, Dresden, and Prague, all of which are easily accessible via loads of cheap flights.

  1. Palace on Wheels – Rajasthan, India

Nothing compares to Rajasthan when it comes to royalty and splendour. And no train compares to Palace on Wheels when it comes to the famed Indian hospitality and Rajput opulence. It is a ride fit for a king, hell even the kings of yore couldn’t enjoy this much luxury. The interiors are of course as opulent as a palace, and as comfortable as any contemporary accommodation. There are cabins attached with a separate bath and shower, a quality bar, massage services, two restaurants (serving a variety of authentic traditional cuisines). Actually, there was no need to tell you all this. The name is enough. It. Is. a. palace. On. Wheels.

  1. Royal Scotsman – Scotland

It is a hotel train. It accommodates 36 passengers, thereby affording an intimate personalized luxury experience. Its vintage cars boast of a décor that is reflective of the glorious Edwardian era. Shiny varnished wood and soft carpeted upholstery lend it a cozy feel. Very retro in its make, it has an open-deck observation carriage behind. It will take you on a misty ride across the Scottish highlands.

  1. Glacier Express – Switzerland

This is one train whose extreme slow speed you won’t mind. It passes through pristine Swiss mountains, gorges, valleys, and tunnels. This alpine affair is exactly what is best about Switzerland, and the Glacier Express actually gives you a quick tour of the country. It takes around eight hours for the train to make one trip. Though it is officially one of the slowest trains as per the distance covered in a particular time, passengers usually find the journey too short.

  1. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express – Siberia

The Trans-Siberian Express passes through some of the world’s lesser-known historical places. The route is from Moscow to Vladivostok, touching upon regions like Ulan Baatar in Mongolia and many unexplored regions of Siberia. If you haven’t been able to muster the courage to go to Siberia or Mongolia but want to see the barren mystic lands, then this train is the best way to have a good enough look. No matter how inhospitable the land outside might be, inside the train you will always have the best of all comforts. Climate-controlled air-conditioning, private bathrooms with showers, TV and DVD player, a fine restaurant and a stylish bar—just the highlights these are.




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